Israeli Authorities have served a stop work order against the Badu Ka’abne kindergarten in Area C of the occupied West Bank, putting it at risk of future demolition.  We need your help to ensure that this order is revoked and the kindergarten – a simple portacabin used as a classroom for young local children from the nearby Bedouin community – is kept open.

MAP provided this kindergarten with stationery and other school supplies last year, and provides the surrounding community with health services through the mobile clinic we support in the Jordan Valley. As the headmaster recently told MAP, for children here “education is the only way to get away from this life and to move on to something better.” If this EU-funded kindergarten is demolished, the youngest children of Badu Ka’abne will have no place to learn.

Demolitions against Palestinian structures in Area C – the area of the occupied West Bank where Israel has military and civil control – have increased sharply in recent years, in some cases making entire families homeless and having a devastating effect on their lives and livelihoods. Back in August, we joined with 30 other aid and human rights organisations to call for an end to such demolitions and accountability for those carried out.  You can help us speak out against this demolitions and help stop the kindergarten from being destroyed.

Sign our petition and call on the UK government to take action to save Badu Ka’abne kindergarten today!

To UK Secretary of State for International Development, Rt Hon Priti Patel MP:

Dear Ms Patel,

On 22nd November 2015, the Israeli Civil Authority served a stop work order against an EU-funded structure serving as a kindergarten for the Bedouin community of Badu Ka’abne in Area C of the occupied West Bank. This puts the structure at risk of demolition, and thus threatens access to basic education and the economic and livelihood opportunities this affords for the children of this community.

This is just the latest incident in an ever-worsening situation for Palestinians living in Area C, who contend with continued obstructions to their attempts to build and develop their communities, and the extreme physical and psychological strain caused by settlement expansion, economic and physical degradation, demolitions and displacement.

Demolitions of Palestinian civilian infrastructure in Area C are contrary to Israel’s obligations as an occupying power under international law. The UK government has recognised that the economy of Area C is vital to the future viability of the State of Palestine, and has taken steps to further this through its support for the Area C master plans for Palestinian community development. Nevertheless, this year at least 48 EU or member state projects in Area C have been demolished or seized, including projects funded by ECHO and the UK.

We, the undersigned, therefore call on the UK Government to:

  • urge the Government of Israel to revoke the stop work order served against the Badu Ka’abne kindergarten, and to cease all demolitions of Palestinian civilian infrastructure in Area C; and
  • help advance the future viability of the State of Palestine by investing in the development of civilian infrastructure projects – such as medical facilities and schools – to provide essential services to these communities.


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