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Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) is upscaling our emergency response amid growing critical health needs in the occupied West Bank including East Jerusalem, resulting from escalating Israeli military and settler violence.

We are providing lifesaving equipment and medical supplies to hospitals and paramedic teams, to help strengthen their emergency response. We are also training emergency responders and paramedics in trauma care.

In 2021 and 2022, MAP provided two fully equipped ambulances, a field hospital tent, and medical supplies and equipment to our partners in East Jerusalem.

We are also helping to provide mobile clinic health services to marginalised communities in remote areas of the West Bank. We are providing first aid kits, hygiene kits and first aid training materials so that the mobile clinic team can deliver first aid training to communities.

We need your help urgently to continue this vital work. Please give a regular gift and help us respond to the ongoing needs. Thank you.

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Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam. It is the obligation for Muslims to give a proportion of their wealth to charity each year. 

How does Medical Aid for Palestinians use Zakat Donations?

Across the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt), Palestinian hospitals are in desperate need of basic, yet essential medicines and medical supplies. Many medical items needed to treat patients are regularly in short supply or have already ran out completely. At Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP), we help by purchasing as many urgently needed medicines, medical supplies and equipment as we can. We can only do this thanks to the financial support we receive from supporters like you. You can choose to make your donation to us a 'Zakat donation' by selecting the checkbox in our donation forms. 

MAP uses 100% of all the Zakat donations we receive to respond to the ongoing medicines and medical supply emergency in Gaza and in the West Bank. If you want to make a Zakat donation, please remember to tick the Zakat box on the donation page.

You can make your Zakat Gift have even greater impact by adding Gift Aid to your donation.

If you would like to discuss your donation further, please contact us on 020 7226 4114 or [email protected]

Thank you for your support. 

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