Our Standards


To promote trust and confidence among all our stakeholders in the work of Medical Aid for Palestinians, we focus on the efficient use of funds raised for our development and humanitarian aid programmes.

We ensure that funds are directed to appropriate projects and that we comply with international regulations and industry standards. MAP has a comprehensive project approval and control process which is implemented in line with best international practice.


MAP works to be as transparent as possible about our governance, our activities and our finances. We publish the names of our trustees and directors, details about our activities in Palestine and Lebanon and our annual review and fully audited annual accounts on our website.

For our financial annual report and financial statement (year ending 31 March 2016) click here.

Protection of vulnerable people

Given the environments within which we work and the complexity of some of our projects, the protection of children and vulnerable adults is critical. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards within our organisation and partners, and to the regular review of our policies and protocols and the training of all staff.

MAP is a member of the following alliances and membership bodies which aim to improve our own work as an NGO but also contribute to improving the sector as a whole.


CHS Alliance

We are working towards the implementation of the Core Humanitarian Standard. We aim to support appropriate humanitarian aid and development assistance to Palestinians through partnerships with Palestinian organisations in Palestine and Lebanon and in co-ordination and collaboration with other humanitarian stakeholders.


Bond is the UK membership body for non-governmental organisations working in international development. MAP works with Bond and its members on collective action to influence the policies and practice of governments and institutions as well as sharing experience and learning with other Bond members.

AIDA – the Association of International Development Agencies

Aid is a network representing over 80 international non-governmental organisations working in occupied Palestine, across sectors including education, health, human rights and water and sanitation. Through AIDA, MAP works in co-operation with other international agencies to ensure greater accountability within the donor community and increased aid effectiveness.