MAP is incredibly grateful for the unwavering support and generous donations received from institutional donors and other charitable organisations. It is through these collaborations that we are able to carry out our vital work. By joining forces with these esteemed partners, we are able to pool our expertise, resources, and networks to deliver comprehensive and sustainable healthcare solutions to Palestinian communities in need. Together, we strive to improve the quality of healthcare services, advocate for the rights of Palestinians, and work towards a healthier and more equitable future.

united nations: occupied Palestinian TERRITORY-Humanitarian Fund

We are grateful to have oPt-HF as a valued partner since 2017, providing critical support to a range of MAP projects in Palestine. These projects address both emergency and long-term health needs of vulnerable Palestinian communities, spanning areas such as limb reconstruction and emergency care, COVID-19 response, essential eye care, and the provision of crucial medical supplies and resources.

“MAP has demonstrated its commitment to delivering humanitarian aid to the people of Palestine, particularly in the Gaza Strip. They have a strong understanding of the local context and can mobilize quickly to respond to emergencies, ensuring that the most vulnerable individuals receive the support they need.

Working with MAP has helped to ensure the oPt HF's objectives of providing timely, principled and effective humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable persons in oPt are achieved. MAP has a proven track record of implementing successful projects and delivering aid quickly and efficiently, which has significantly impacted the lives of people in need. Furthermore, MAP's commitment to sustainability has been evident in its approach to capacity-building and training for local healthcare workers, ensuring that the impact of their projects is long-lasting.

MAP has been a reliable and high-quality partner for the oPt HF. They have consistently demonstrated their expertise in the healthcare sector, and their ability to work effectively in challenging and volatile environments is commendable. MAP's project management and reporting have always been of the highest standard, providing us with the necessary information to assess the impact of our funding.”

Jersey Overseas Aid

MAP has partnered with Jersey Overseas Aid since 2017, supporting various MAP healthcare initiatives in Gaza, including the funding of vital neurosurgery equipment and support for our gender-based violence and women’s’ economic empowerment projects.

“Jersey Overseas Aid has partnered with MAP for six years. In addition to the high quality of its programming, delivered in extremely difficult circumstances, we value the timely and detailed reports which demonstrate the impact of Jersey-funded projects”


MEDGlobal have been supporting MAP since 2021 with critical funding to deliver our Gaza emergency response project during the escalation of 2021. Thanks to their critical support, we were able to provide essential medical supplies to healthcare facilities delivering life-saving emergency care.

“Throughout our partnership, we have witnessed the dedication, professionalism, and expertise that MAP brings to our project. 

Working with MAP has been pivotal in aligning our organization's objectives, enhancing sustainability, and maximizing impact. Through their expertise, resources, collaborative approach, focus on sustainable solutions, and emphasis on monitoring and evaluation, we have been able to achieve greater outcomes and make a tangible difference in the communities we serve. MAP brings extensive expertise and resources in our focus areas, which have significantly bolstered our efforts. Their knowledge and experience have provided valuable guidance, ensuring that our projects are strategically designed, effectively implemented, and aligned with best practices.

Overall, MAP has proven to be a reliable and high-quality partner, consistently demonstrating professionalism, expertise, and a collaborative approach. Their contributions have significantly enriched our project, and their commitment to excellence has helped ensure the success and sustainability of our shared endeavours.”

Humanity First

We have been working with Humanity First since 2021 when they supported our emergency response during the escalation. Thanks to their essential support, we were able to provide critical medical supplies at a particularly precarious time for the healthcare system in Gaza.

"Working with MAP has been a very rewarding experience for Humanity First. The communication from the outset has been excellent, honest and frank. Their level of due diligence considering the challenging working environment has been very thorough and our trustees have been pleased to have MAP as a trusted partner. 
Working with MAP helped ensure that Humanity First was able to meet the needs of its donors and trustees by providing much needed humanitarian support for beneficiaries in Gaza at the same time as ensuring value for money and compliance with relevant UK and international regulations. 
We hope to continue to work with MAP in areas of mutual interest for the benefit of the humanities needs of Palestinians.” 


Glia has supported MAP’s projects in Gaza since 2018, helping us build the capacity of healthcare workers to improve emergency care and providing vital protective equipment to local partners delivering life-saving services during the pandemic.  

“Glia has worked alongside MAP for over five years, conducting advocacy work for healthcare workers, developing emergency heathcare worker training, and redeveloping trauma systems within the Gaza Strip. During the height of the Covid pandemic, MAP aided Glia in shipping personal protective equipment to healthcare workers on the front lines. Without question, much of Glia’s advocacy work and logistical projects could not come to fruition without the help of the dedicated staff at MAP. 

One of the best parts of working with MAP is the passion of its people: every employee is fully dedicated to increasing access to healthcare and improving healthcare outcomes for besieged Palestinians. In all of our joint endeavors, the staff at MAP both in the UK and in Gaza have gone above and beyond to ensure successful outcomes. MAP is a dedicated, reliable, and high-quality partner that has helped to make much of what we do in Gaza possible. We are thankful for our productive relationship, and we look forward to future projects where we can work together to continue providing greater medical outcomes to Palestinians.” 


UNICEF has been a key partner of MAP in Lebanon over the last six years, supporting and ensuring the success of our project delivering community-based Mental Health and Psychosocial Support for vulnerable women and children living in Palestinian refugee camps. Thanks to our partnership with UNICEF, we have improved our capacity to reach the most vulnerable communities with critical mental health, child protection, and gender-based violence interventions.

Muntada Aid

Muntada Aid supported MAP during the emergency response in Palestine, raising funds for medical supplies.