2022 has begun as another dangerous year for Palestinians. Repression and harassment against Palestinians in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood of occupied East Jerusalem has brought back distressing memories of events in May 2021, which culminated in Israel’s devastating military assault on Gaza. Health workers have once again come under attack. Hundreds have been injured across the West Bank as a result of worsening Israeli military and settler violence.

As Medical Aid for Palestinians has recently documented, Israel’s discriminatory domination of Palestinian life through occupation, blockade and the permanent dispossession of refugees, is depriving Palestinians from equitable access to many of the essential building blocks of health, and preventing them from developing their own effective, locally-led healthcare system.

This dire situation has led to deep health inequalities between Israelis and Palestinians, despite both living under Israel’s effective control. It is fuelled by the near-total impunity Israel enjoys for violations of its duties under international law.

The UK must not continue to turn a blind eye.

At the UN Human Rights Council in March, Palestinians’ rights will be at the centre of attention. The UK will have an opportunity to vote on resolutions demanding that Israel respect international law and calling for accountability for violations, including attacks on civilians homes and healthcare.

Please email your MP, and ask them to urge the UK government to finally stand up against Israel’s discriminatory domination of Palestinians, and support accountability for violations of Palestinians’ rights to health and dignity.