"I've seen kids write their names on their palms, because when they die they want people to know who they are." 

Mahmoud Shalabi, MAP's Senior Programme Manager in Gaza

More than 4,000 children have now been killed in Israel's bombardment of Gaza. Thousands more have been injured, and hundreds remain buried in the rubble. A million children are living in constant terror for their lives, experiencing untold trauma from the destruction around them.

1.4 million people are now displaced by the bombing, many into overcrowded and unsanitary shelters. Tens of thousands no longer have homes to return to.

Hospitals are collapsing amid the huge influx of casualties. Without electricity or fuel for generators they will soon shut down, putting the lives of 130 babies in neonatal intensive care at critical risk.

Families lack access to their basic needs - adequate food, water, healthcare, education, electricity - amid the suffocating siege imposed by the Israeli military.

MAP is calling on political leaders around the world to demand an immediate ceasefire. They must act now to end the killing and maiming of children in Gaza, and enable humanitarian aid to reach the one million children and their families who desperately need it.

Take action

Children in Gaza are living in constant fear of death. Some have begun writing their names on their limbs, so that if they are killed they can be identified and buried with their families. On 24 October, MAP held a vigil outside UK Parliament to mourn those children who have already been killed in Gaza, each attendee carrying the name of a child who has died on the palm of their hand.

The only way to prevent the deaths of more children in Gaza is through an immediate ceasefire.

Please help us amplify our call by demanding a #CeasefireNOW. Together we can bring this horror to an end. 

You can join our campaign by writing #CeasefireNOW on your palm, and sharing the picture on your social media, tagging political leaders where you are, and using the #CeasefireNOW hashtag and using the ✋ emoji.

More than 4,000 children have been killed so far in Israel’s bombardment of Gaza. World leaders must act now to stop the killing and maiming of Palestinian children ✋ We demand a #CeasefireNOW! Join the campaign: map.org.uk/CeasefireNOW

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