In the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and Gaza, Israel has maintained effective control over the lives of Palestinians for more than half a century through occupation, annexation and blockade.

Israel has wielded its control in ways that privilege its own citizens, while geographically segregating Palestinian communities and denying them equitable access to many of the essential building blocks of health.

Meanwhile, Israel’s decades-long denial of Palestinian refugees’ right to return to their homelands has kept communities in Lebanon in a state of perpetual humanitarian crisis, unable to enjoy their full rights to health and dignity, or contribute to the collective development of essential Palestinian institutions like healthcare.

Our new position paper describes how systematic discrimination and the fragmentation of the Palestinian people by Israel present a fundamental challenge to Palestinians’ rights to health and dignity, and inhibit the delivery and development of a Palestinian healthcare system. It exposes how this has resulted in stark health inequalities between Palestinians and Israelis, which have accelerated as a result of recent military offensives and the COVID-19 pandemic.

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