Our work would not be possible without the support we receive from our patrons and benefactors.

About MAP Patrons

‘MAP Patrons’ is a membership programme that allows you to make your mark on MAP’s future. Our Patrons are a community of like-minded individuals who care about Palestine, protecting its people and its heritage.  Your pledge helps us to deliver sustainable projects by bringing security to our programme planning. Whoever you are and whatever your passion is, your pledge will allow us to continue bringing essential and life-saving projects to those who need it most.   With offices located in Beirut, Ramallah, Jerusalem and Gaza City, MAP responds rapidly in times of crisis and works directly with communities on longer term health development.


By becoming a MAP Patron, you join a small group of core supporters whose commitment and pledges of support enable us to plan our programmes with confidence, helping us shape our future projects. We hope that you will also introduce us to new supporters so that we can expand our network and ensure greater financial security for our work.  Patrons are recognised in a number of ways:

President’s Circle:

  • Private dinner with our President
  • Patrons’ names listed on our Letterhead
  • Celebration of the President’s Circle at Gala Dinners, Receptions, and in other communications & publications
  • Dedicated page on MAP’s website
  • Bespoke communications and reports
  • Option of accompanied field visits

Chairman’s Circle:

  • Private dinner with our Chairman once a year
  • Recognition on MAP website and in publications
  • Celebration of the Chairman’s Circle at Gala Dinners, Receptions, and in other communications & publications

 Patrons also receive:

Membership Options

President’s Circle Patrons

Chairman’s Circle Patrons


Please contact our Key Relationships Team for a copy of our brochure and to answer any questions you might have, on 020 7226 4114.

You can learn more about our existing patrons here

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