New film from MAP’s team in Gaza: Combatting child malnutrition

In Medical Aid for Palestinians’ (MAP’s) latest film, you can learn about the vital work of our local partner Ard El Insan and how, with your support, they are changing lives and restoring health for Gaza’s children.

More than thirteen years of blockade and illegal closure has placed huge obstacles on the movement of people and goods in and out of Gaza, and badly damaged the economy. Unemployment reached 47% in 2019, and almost half of the population lives below poverty line.

As a result, many of Gaza’s almost two million residents struggle to afford the nutritious food their families need, with 68% of the population moderately or severely “food insecure”. Gaza’s children are most at risk, with 10% stunted by malnutrition and therefore unable to reach their full educational or physical potential.

The MAP-supported Malnutrition Project in Gaza is vitally important to families in Gaza. Their nutrition centre, in the southern area of Gaza, is supporting at-risk children for a variety of conditions and illnesses linked to malnutrition, including wasting, anaemia and rickets.

As well as supporting children with conditions and illnesses linked to malnutrition, the clinic also treats children and adults with coeliac disease. It also provides essential medical care, distributes food packages, provides fresh meals and supplements, and runs health education sessions about healthy eating and food preparation.

We need your help to keep this project running, please consider donating today:


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