MAP releases hygiene kits for Palestinians quarantined in Gaza schools

While COVID 19 is a threat to us all, its impact on Gaza could be catastrophic. It is absolutely essential to prevent the spread of the disease and support hygiene measures during this critical time.  

Today, Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) is sending hygiene kits to be utilised at two schools in Rafah and two locations in Khan Younis that have been allocated to receive people returning to Gaza through the Rafah Crossing from Egypt for quarantine. Around 350 people are currently reported to be quarantined and within the next two days an additional 300-500 people are expected, the majority arriving via the Rafah crossing and a few coming via Erez.

In response to an urgent call for support from the Ministry of Health, we are providing 200 hygiene kits worth US$50 each that can be utilised for around 800-1200 people. One hundred kits are being sent to the quarantine centres and the remainder will go to the Ministry of Health for immediate release if the numbers increase. If numbers do increase, the Ministry of Health’s supply of hygiene kits will need to be replenished and MAP stands ready to respond. 

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In order to prepare for patients, a Field Hospital has been established at the Rafah Crossing featuring a 38-bed treatment facility, with 6 intensive care unit beds and 30 more for moderate cases.

Gaza European Hospital has been designated to absorb and treat additional cases once the capacity of the field hospital gets exhausted. 

The potential impact of Covid-19 for a health system already severely compromised by lack of infrastructure, essential equipment, drugs, supplies and human resources is catastrophic. The situation will be exacerbated by living conditions, particularly in the refugee camps, where there is overcrowding, few hygiene facilities and extremely limited opportunity to effectively self-isolate. 

Chronically appalling socio-economic conditions mean that social distancing interventions cannot be sustained without rapid and dire consequences. 

The population in Gaza is physically vulnerable, with malnutrition on the rise, particularly in young children and pregnant or breastfeeding women, poorly controlled non-communicable diseases in adults, high smoking rates and those who are elderly lacking access to proper nursing care.              

We must do what we can now, to slow transmission and prevent the health system in Gaza being completely overwhelmed.

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