Community Fundraising is the Bee's Knees

Despite the COVID-19 restrictions, Rob Jones, Director of Garden Design Centre in Reading, wanted to do his bit for for Palestinians living under occupation and as refugees. 

At the end of 2020, Rob sent an email to our community fundraiser to let us know that he has a "busy bunch of angry bees" at the end of his garden and that he recently donated to MAP using the sale of his honey. Of course we had to know more! Rob sent us some pictures and said:

"Me and my girls in 2018 when they were friendly. I think Brexit has upset them this year so need to find a new Queen next year to stop them being so angry and more productive"

We really hope Rob and his bees get their new Queen this year and continuing make their delicious honey. You can follow Rob and his bees on social media @thegardendesigncoltd.

If you have been fundraising for MAP, let us know how by emailing [email protected]. We love hearing from you.

You can find inspiration on how to support us by visiting our Get Involved page.

Thank you for your support, Rob!

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