Happy Birthday, Tommy! Love From, MAP

Hundreds of supporters each month are creating Facebook Birthday Fundraisers to celebrate their special day and raise vital funds for Medical Aid for Palestinians.

We caught up with supporter, Tommy Corbyn, whose Facebook Birthday Fundraisers have raised thousands each year. Here is what Tommy had to say about the fundraising initiative. 

Why is the Palestinian cause close to your heart?

The Palestinian cause has always sat close to my heart because the plight of the Palestinian people is emblematic of the plight of oppressed peoples all over the world. They are living under occupation, and their fight for freedom, justice, and equality is a fight for the essence of all human rights. I’m proud to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people and I fully support their right to self-determination.

How did you first get in touch with MAP, and what made you want to know more?

When I learned that MAP had spent the last three decades delivering health and medical care to those living under occupation it instantly had my deepest respect. The Palestinian people deserve the same access to proper health care that we all get to enjoy so freely in the UK. MAP plays an important role by providing this for people, I think the commitment to Mental Health and Psychosocial Support within communities, in particular, is a brilliant initiative.

Why do you choose to give to MAP every year for your birthday?

In recent years I’ve noticed birthday fundraisers are doing a brilliant job of raising awareness and support online for the remarkable work that charities and activists across the world are achieving. I choose to fundraise for MAP every year because I share their vision for a future in which the Palestinian people can fully realise their rights to health and dignity. It’s always uplifting for me to see that so many other people out there in my virtual community will donate some of their hard-earned cash to support the cause.

Do you have a message from the UK to the Palestinian communities we serve?

I simply say this - No matter what our government says or does, please know that there are thousands upon thousands of us here in the UK who are sickened by the inhumane way in which the people of Palestine have been, and continue to be, treated. The silence of our leaders is deafening - your freedom is our freedom. Your rights are our rights.

Thank you for all of your support, Tommy! We wish you the happiest of birthdays. You can wish Tommy a happy birthday and donate to his birthday fundraiser by visiting here.

To set up your own Facebook Birthday Fundraiser and start raising money for the health and dignity of Palestinians, click on the link below.

Set Up Your Birthday Fundraiser 


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