Fikr Shalltoot, MAP’s Gaza Director, makes a desperate plea for the protection of civilians

The Israeli airstrikes continue to target and kill civilians in Gaza. What happened at Al Wehda Street (close to Shifa Hospital) last night was a massacre, with civilian buildings attacked and destroyed over the heads of their residents. The Ministry of Health has reported that so far 26 bodies have been removed from under the rubble, among them 10 women and 8 children, including the Head of the Internal Medicine Unit at Shifa hospital, Dr. Ayman Abu Al Ouf, who was killed along with most of his children. At least 50 people were wounded in this attack, however, the work of the civil defense is still ongoing, rescuing trapped people or evacuating dead bodies.  

The heavy bombardment in Gaza City started slightly after midnight and happened in parallel with heavy bombardment over the middle area, in Bureij, Nussirat, and Al Maghazi refugee camps. The targets for all the bombardments in Gaza and Middle Area focused on civilian homes and buildings, without prior warnings, as well as some of the main roads.

In addition, the Ministry of Labour and Ministry of Social Development was also targeted this morning.

According to the Ministry of Health, the total number of people killed reached 181, including 52 children and 31 women, in addition to 1,225 injuries. The Head of the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, Mr. Raji Al Sourani, said it’s a shame for the most powerful army in the world to target civilians, roads, and civil buildings in such cruel way. He considered what is happening as war crimes.

I am afraid that Israel will continue targeting residential towers and civilian buildings. Yesterday, Al Jala’a tower was destroyed, it consisted of more than 60 apartments and press offices, such as Al Jazeera and Associate Press. Three apartments in Al Andalus Tower, in front of Hanadi Tower which was destroyed few days ago, were also attacked.

The Ministry of Health also reports that the primary healthcare centre in Al Daraj, Gaza City, was attacked and its work suspended.

Our team here in Gaza is delivering emergency drugs and disposables to hospitals today and we are working to more supplies.

All humanitarian organisations must focus on the protection of civilians who have become the target of Israeli airstrikes. We call on the international community to take urgent action. 

Please make an urgent donation today, and support our essential medical response in Gaza.


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