MAP-supported women’s health clinic damaged in bombing of Jabalia refugee camp

The situation here in Gaza is still not getting better, despite the reported ceasefire efforts being made by the US and Egypt. There has been a significant reduction in the firing of rockets toward Israel over the last couple of days, however Israel’s airstrikes, tank shelling and naval firing on Gaza has continued, and have perhaps been even more intensive across all areas of Gaza.

Civilian houses continue to be the main target of these airstrikes. We have heard that Iyad Salah, a person with disability from Dier Al Balah, was killed with his two-year-old daughter and his pregnant wife in an airstrike on his home. Iyad is the sixth person with disability to be killed by Israel’s bombardment. The Ministry of Health (MOH) report that 230 people have now been killed in Gaza including 65 children and 17 elderly people, and 1,710 injured.

Damage inside the clinicA MAP-supported women’s health centre run by the Red Crescent Society for Gaza Strip (RCS4GS), was badly damaged in Israel’s heavy bombardment of Jabalia refugee camp last night. Thankfully all the staff were safe, though the windows and doors were blown in and now there is shattered glass everywhere. They clinic staff told us that they will not be able to reopen until a ceasefire is announced, and it will take 7-10 days to repair the damage. According to the Health Cluster, six hospitals and eleven primary healthcare centres have been damaged so far.

Across Gaza the humanitarian situation continues to deteriorate. The number of people displaced from their homes has increased, with 47,000 now seeking shelter in UNRWA schools. The Ministry of Health and UNRWA are still concerned of further spread of COVID 19 amongst the population due to the lack of water, sanitation and hygiene facilities and personal protective equipment at these shelters.

The Logistics Cluster reports that the Karem Shalom crossing will remain closed by Israel for the time being, and therefore medical supplies and food assistance will not be allowed into Gaza. The crossing has remained closed since the start of the escalation, and only opened briefly on Tuesday to allow five trucks of fuel for UNRWA to enter. The electricity situation is getting worse day-by-day, with the only power plant in Gaza lacking necessary fuel supplies. The Ministry of Health continued to appeal for immediate support from international donors for fuel and medical supplies so that it can meet the needs of the many wounded and a growing number of cases of COVID 19.

This morning, MOH has indicated that their engineering department has managed to do the necessary repair for the central laboratory at Al Remal clinic which was damaged earlier this week in Gaza City, and that COVID-19 testing and vaccination will be resumed.

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