MAP’s Gaza voices in the media

During Israel’s 11-day military offensive in Gaza, from 10 to 21 May, Medical Aid for Palestinians’ (MAP) team in Gaza shared their perspectives and insights on the latest violence in a range of media. This is a round-up of their expert analysis.

Al Jazeera, The Steam

“Bouncing back to the status quo is inadequate because you are talking about 80 per cent of the population is dependent on aid, 61 per cent of youth are unemployed, drugs and disposables are at continuous shortages. What are we bouncing back and recovering back to? We really need to address the root causes to build back better, not bounce back to the previous state.”

Mahmoud Shalabi, MAP’s Senior Programme Manager in Gaza, highlights the shocking state of Gaza’s healthcare system and what support is needed.

ABC Australia

Fikr Shalltoot, MAP’s Director of Programmes in Gaza, says that with large parts of Gaza without electricity and fuel, hospitals are at breaking point and running on back-up generators. During her interview with ABC Australia, an Israeli airstrike struck very close to her home.

PBS NewsHour

On PBS NewsHour, Fikr highlighted that essential medical services came to a halt during the military offensive on Gaza and that Israeli airstrikes and shelling targeted hospitals and medical clinics.


“It could take months for development work in Gaza to regain its footing once emergency response and recovery efforts eventually subside. But the status quo is also inadequate.”

Speaking to Devex, Mahmoud Shalabi emphasises the challenges of humanitarian response in Gaza and that many lives are being endangered due to a lack of humanitarian relief.

ABC Australia

“I know the the international community is behind a ceasefire. But the question is, are they behind an end to the blockade and occupation? That remains to be seen.”

Rohan Talbot, MAP’s Advocacy and Campaigns Manager, says that the ceasefire between Israel and Gaza is only an essential first step in ending the suffering for Palestinians across the occupied Palestinian territories.

MAP’s teams are responding to continuing emergency needs on the ground in Gaza following the military offensive, as well as across the West Bank including East Jerusalem. You can support this work by donating today.


Photo: The rubble of the Hanadi tower in the aftermath of overnight Israeli airstrikes on Gaza City. (Credit: Mahmoud Issa/Quds Net News/ZUMA Wire/Alamy Live News).

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