Video: Mobile clinic provides healthcare for Palestinians facing daily discrimination

In our latest film, we hear how a mobile clinic, provided by Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP), in partnership with the Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS), is providing essential health services for Palestinians in the south of Hebron. Watch the video here:

Palestinian communities in ‘Area C’ of the West Bank live at the sharp edge of Israel’s military occupation. These communities face restricted access to land, water and basic services. Demolitions, and harassment and violence from Israeli settlers are an ever-present threat. Zanota, in the south of Hebron, is one of many threatened communities.

Amid a discriminatory planning regime, there are no permanent Palestinian health facilities in Area C. Communities therefore depend on mobile clinics like the one provided by MAP, in partnership with the PMRS.

Read more about the systematic discrimination faced by Palestinians in Area C of the West Bank in our position paper.

Read the position paper

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