A new year’s message from MAP’s President, Baroness Morris of Bolton

2021 was yet another turbulent year for Palestinians. The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has been compounded by violence across the West Bank and Gaza, heaping pressure on a healthcare system that is struggling to cope. In Lebanon, a dire economic collapse is driving Palestinian refugees even further into crisis.

In a time of great adversity, it is humbling to witness the unceasing heroism of Palestinian healthcare workers. Whether risking their lives to treat the injured during the offensive on Gaza, or overcoming the extreme personal stresses and pressures of saving lives amid the pandemic, health workers have been at the heart of the response to these overlapping emergencies.

Thanks to the kindness of people like you, Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) was able to provide more support than ever before to doctors, nurses and other health workers in 2021. When supplies ran low in Gaza and the West Bank, MAP delivered essential medicines and equipment to hospitals. When MAP’s community midwives noticed families were having to forgo food and other essentials in Lebanon, MAP was there to provide food, vitamins and basic needs. With an eye to the future, MAP has ensured access to vital training for practitioners in cancer care, neurosurgery, family medicine and other specialisms.

As we begin the new year, I feel inspired by the incredible efforts of Palestinian healthcare workers and I am so proud to be President of an organisation whose staff and partners are working ceaselessly to support them to overcome hardships that most of us can barely imagine.

But I also feel inspired by the waves of support we have had from people like you, whose donations drive MAP on every day to work towards the health and dignity of every Palestinian.

My heartfelt thanks, as ever, for your continued support of Medical Aid for Palestinians. I wish you all a happy, and hopeful, new year.

Trish Morris

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