It's a Match! Our new partnership with dating app Muzmatch

For their Ramadan Appeal 2022, Muzmatch has selected Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) as their chosen charity. Throughout the holy month, the dating app will encourage its users and followers to donate to their MAP appeal via Launchgood, and has pledged to raise an incredible $250,000.

With the money raised, Muzmatch will be funding the purchase and equipping of two new mobile health clinic vans which will serve remote communities in the South Hebron Hills and the Jordan Valley in the occupied West Bank. What colour will these new mobile health clinics be? Muzmatch pink of course! We spoke to Muzmatch CEO and Founder, Shahzad Younas about our partnership. 

Why does Muzmatch support charities each year?

"We are a faith-based business and we try to stick to the principles of Islam. Islamically, charity is such a big component of the faith, and for us as a business, I have always said that as we do well, we should always be able to do more to give back. As we have grown as a business, so have our fundraising ambitions and I think it is important for businesses to do this as an obligation to society. Positive contribution for me is super important."

How do you find your users/members engage with your causes?

"We agreed as a team that when we raise money for a cause we have to be transparent with our users about where the money is going, give them regular updates and show them the end result of their achievement. We've tried to be creative in the way we ask our members to donate. We've built custom screens in the app itself, so as our members are looking at profiles, they get a reminder to donate to our cause and see much we have raised so far. Our users really appreciate the work that we do and they trust us and that our choice of charity partnership is a worthy and worthwhile cause."

Why did you choose to support MAP?

"I had heard about MAP a long time ago and then I got an invite to one of your events last year. The more I learned about your projects and your work, it made total sense that we should work with you."

“It is crystal clear to see the lives MAP are changing and the impact you are having”

Palestinians living in the occupied West Bank face restrictions on healthcare and the threat of growing illegal settlements. The pandemic has only worsened the health status of marginalised communities in the South Hebron Hills and the Jordan Valley. Locals are often prevented from establishing permanent health facilities in these areas, and the high cost of transportation means that walking is sometimes the only option.

Without the mobile clinic services provided by MAP through our local partner, the Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS), Palestinians in these highly marginalised communities would struggle to access the vital medication and primary health services they need. Now with Muzmatch's support, we can expand our reach and will be able to purchase, fully equip and customise two mobile health clinic vans to support the health and dignity of these communities.

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