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This summer, MC Events are organising yet another incredible challenge to raise money and awareness for 5 charities, including MAP. Out of the group of around 25, there are 10 participants who have chosen MAP as their charity to support, and they will be cycling the North East 250 – a 4 day ride around the North East of Scotland, starting and finishing in Aberdeen after cycling a whopping 250 miles in between!

This year’s challenge follows on from their success last year with their Tour of Wales event, another cycle which raised an incredible £142,000 for MAP’s vital projects.

MAP spoke with MC Events founder, Tariq Razzaq, to find out more…

Tariq first started organising fundraising events in his local community in 2014. It was then that he became inspired by the power of bringing people together for a shared cause, he recalls ‘how amazing it was to see people come together from all communities, and to see the smiles that were created. One of the nice things was that it pulled together all parts of the community’ and he has never looked back. Tariq continued to organise charity and community events and organised their largest family fun day at the Macron stadium in Bolton in 2015, which saw over 20,000 people attend.

Tariq explains, MC events mission is to ‘organise the best-in-class charity and community events, with the aim of bringing communities together’.

‘I want to break down barriers in a world where there is division.’

Tariq first got involved with MAP in 2017, when he joined us on one of MAP’s Cycle Palestine trips and has been supporting MAP ever since. ‘I think MAP are a fantastic organisation and charity, they do lots of great work in Palestine and because they have razor focus on medical aid in Palestine; it gives a lot of confidence in the work that goes on. I’ve been out there and seen the work that MAP do and spoken to Palestinians who see the impact that MAP makes. It’s a well trusted charity both here and in Palestine as well, these are the key reasons that I enjoy working with MAP.’

Tariq and MC events have big plans for the future, as they continue to organise events that bring people together. They are currently planning a big in person event for 2023, just like the family fun days that they organised before the pandemic.

Tariq explains that MC events will also continue to support MAP’s work. He expressed that ‘while there’s a beat in my heart and air in my lungs, it’s important that we continue to help those people that may not have the voice’. Tariq’s message to the people of Palestine is ‘we haven’t forgotten you; we will continue to fight for the Palestinian cause, and there are people across the UK and across the world who spend time thinking and caring. We’ll continue to do what ever we can, whether it’s charitable or to raise awareness.'

'I want Palestinians to always have hope.’

So far this year the team have raised a huge £20,000 to support MAP, and they'll be taking on their NE250 challenge from 18-21 August. If you'd like to support them, you can sponsor the team here.

We would like to thank Tariq and the team, for their continued support for MAP’s vital work. We wish you all the best of luck at the North East 250!

If you would like to follow the NE250 journey and find out any future events, visit MC Events on Instagram or Facebook.

Tariq Razzaq, Founder of MC Events
Tariq Razzaq, Founder of MC Events

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