MAP responds to pressing health needs and supports hospitals amid Israeli airstrikes on Gaza

In response to the three days of Israeli military airstrikes on Gaza, Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) has been working tirelessly to address the pressing medical needs, and support hospitals and vital health services.  

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, at least 28 Palestinians have been killed, including six children and three women, amid Israel’s latest military offensive on Gaza, which began on Tuesday 9 May. Ninety-three people have also been injured, including 32 children and 17 women. 

The airstrikes have caused significant property damage, and 144 people have been left internally displaced as their homes were destroyed or so severely damaged. Hospitals and medical facilities have been overwhelmed in Gaza and are struggling to cope with the influx of patients requiring urgent medical attention. At time of writing, ceasefire discussions brokered by Egypt have been reported, but no deal reached. 

In this dire situation, MAP has been working to deliver essential drugs and medical supplies to health services. When the military offensive started on 9 May, we immediately released $45,000 worth of three drug items to hospitals, from our pre-positioned emergency stocks, that are essential for anaesthesia.  

“The longer Israel’s attacks go on for, the more supplies in hospitals will dwindle and the need for our assistance will grow.” – Fikr Shalltoot, MAP’s Gaza Director.  

We have also released essential supplies for responding to trauma injuries, including IV cannulas and bags, bandages and paracetamol, which the Palestinian Ministry of Health has received today. These items make up almost half the value of MAP’s stocks pre-positioned in warehouses inside Gaza. 

Thanks to MAP’s pre-positioning of essential medical items for situations such as this we were able to be among the first agencies to support hospitals amid this emergency. The longer Israel’s attacks go on for, however, the more supplies in hospitals will dwindle and the need for our assistance will grow,” said Fikr Shalltoot, MAP’s Gaza Director.  

With the help of MAP’s supporters in the UK, we will continue to play an essential part in keeping health services running and saving lives.” 

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Photo: Injured Palestinians arrive at the Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, as a result of Israeli airstrikes in the east of Gaza City. (Credit: Mohammed Zaanoun).

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