The British Consulate General in Jerusalem launches the first UK-Palestinian Health Network

Jerusalem, 14 July 2023 – The British Consulate General launched the first UK-Palestinian Health Network. The aim is to bring together key health partners, volunteers and healthcare workers of UK-based organisations committed to improving the health and wellbeing of the Palestinian people. The event took place under the auspices of the UK Consul General in Jerusalem, Ms Diane Corner, and in collaboration with the UK charity, Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP).

The UK-Palestinian Health Network will strengthen and support crucial partnerships between British and Palestinian medical organisations and experts. It will focus on responding to humanitarian and health needs across the Occupied Palestinian Territories and strives to develop the capacity and enhance the quality of the Palestinian health system in a sustainable manner.

Melanie Ward, the CEO of MAP, said: “Cooperation between British and Palestinian health experts over many years has not only been vital to supporting the Palestinian health system to address the many challenges it faces, but also helped deepen the skills and knowledge of specialists in the UK. At a time when they are needed more than ever, we are glad to recommit to strengthen these important partnerships, and hope that by fostering dialogue and knowledge sharing, this network will promote ever-deepening ties and innovation.”

At the event, a representative from MAP and the Palestinian Ministry of Health discussed their joint work on improving access to breast cancer services at Rafidia Hospital in the West Bank, as an example of the possibilities of such cooperation.

Speaking about the initiative, Ms Diane Corner, the UK Consul General in Jerusalem, emphasiaed the significance of this network in advancing healthcare outcomes in the OPTs: “The UK-Palestinian Health Network embodies our commitment to fostering enduring partnerships that transcend borders. By leveraging the expertise and resources of UK-based organisations, alongside the invaluable insights and knowledge of Palestinian medical professionals, we strive to create a sustainable and resilient health system that serves the needs of the Palestinian people.”

As the UK-Palestinian Health Network embarks on its journey, it seeks to attract and engage more organisations, volunteers, and donors to join its noble cause. The network currently includes representatives of Palestinian and international civil society organisations and UN agencies working on health, as well as individual specialists, experts, and health officials from the UK and OPTs.

Through collaborative endeavours, these organisations aim to make a tangible difference in the lives of Palestinians and contribute to the long-term development of their healthcare infrastructure.

Photo: British-Consul General in Jerusalem, Diane Corner, addressing attendees at the launch of the UK-Palestinian Health Network. (Credit: Ark Media / MAP).

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