Gaza aid delivery deal “does not even scratch the surface”

In response to reports that 20 trucks carrying aid supplies may be allowed into Gaza soon, Melanie Ward, Chief Executive of Medical Aid for Palestinians said:

“Two million people are experiencing an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza. The announcement that 20 trucks of aid – food, water, and medical supplies – will be allowed to enter southern Gaza does not even scratch the surface of their needs.

“A quarter of all homes in Gaza have been damaged, and a million people displaced. Hospitals are collapsing, lacking even basic supplies like painkillers and bandages. Disease outbreaks are inevitable in overflowing and unsanitary shelters. People are drinking sea water to try to stay alive.

“It is appalling that fuel will not be allowed in, making the distribution of aid to the people who need it across Gaza impossible. Without electricity, the lights will go out in hospitals, desalination and sewage plants will not function, and many more people will die.

“Political leaders should remember that collective punishment of two million people is a war crime and a moral outrage. The siege must end, a ceasefire must be secured, and aid must be allowed to reach any who need it.”

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Photo: Destruction of Watan Tower (Credit: Mohammed Zaanoun). 

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