Opinion poll shows overwhelming British public support for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza

A YouGov poll commissioned by Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) and the Council for Arab-British Understanding (Caabu) highlights an overwhelming level of British public support for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

The survey conducted on 20-21 December 2023 found that 71% of the British public believe there definitely (48%) or probably (23%) should be an immediate ceasefire in Israel and Palestine. Conversely, only 12% of people felt that there should definitely not (6%) or probably not (6%) be an immediate ceasefire.  

This echoes the results of a similar YouGov poll on 19 October, demonstrating robust and continuing public support for an end to the current violence in Gaza, in which more than 21,600 Palestinians have been killed and 56,100 injured. 

Melanie Ward, MAP CEO, said: “Three months of bombardment and siege have resulted in an unprecedented humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Children are starving, the health system is collapsing, and nearly two million people are displaced from their homes. The message from the public couldn’t be clearer: this must end now, and our politicians must play their part in making that happen.” 

The poll also found that only 17% of people approve of the UK government’s handling of the conflict (3% strongly, 14% somewhat) versus 29% disapproving (13% strongly, 16% somewhat). Only 9% of people approved of the Labour Party’s handling of the conflict (2% strongly, 7% somewhat), versus 30% disapproving (14% strongly and 16% somewhat). Neither party currently supports an immediate ceasefire in Gaza

Chris Doyle, Director of Caabu, said: “This poll shows a total and utter lack of public confidence in the way both the UK government and the Labour Party have handled this. The figures could hardly be lower. This should be a wake-up call to the political leaderships to realign themselves both with public sentiment, international law and the need to address the catastrophic humanitarian situation in Gaza.”

Photo: The destruction in Gaza caused by Israel’s military offensive. (Credit Mohammed Zaanoun).


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