100 days of Israel’s bombardment in Gaza: History is watching

Gaza is devastated.

100 days of Israel’s indiscriminate bombardment and siege have reduced entire neighbourhoods to rubble.

One in every 100 people have been killed, most of them women and children.

The dead are buried in mass graves, or remain trapped beneath the rubble.

The health system is being systematically dismantled, and our volunteer doctors who have entered Gaza report apocalyptic conditions in those hospitals that are still functioning.

The heroism of our colleagues in Gaza, and the local health workers they work tirelessly to equip and support, is unparalleled. For 100 days, despite personal tragedy and displacement, they have never stopped trying to preserve the lives and dignity of the people around them. But they cannot keep this up forever.

If this continues for another 100 days, not much of Gaza will remain. The unprecedented number of people killed by Israel’s bombardment and bullets will soon be dwarfed by those dying from hunger and disease because of Israel’s siege. The trickle of aid able to get into and around Gaza is not enough to sustain human life.

We are doing all we can to save lives but, in the current conditions, we are unable to mount the proper humanitarian response that is so desperately needed.

UN human rights experts warn of a “genocide in the making” in Gaza. Our political leaders must take this warning, and the ongoing action at the International Court of Justice, with due seriousness, and act urgently to uphold their responsibility to protect Palestinian civilians from atrocities.

History is watching. Humanity demands an immediate ceasefire.

MAP is calling on our leaders in the UK to immediately intervene to save Gaza’s hospitals. Please email your MP here.

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Photo: Palestinians inspect the destruction following the attack on the Ahli Arab Hospital, which killed dozens of civilians. (Credit: Mohammad Abu Elsebah/dpa/Alamy Live News).

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