Israeli forces raid hospital in Jenin disguised as civilians and medical personnel, killing three Palestinians

This morning, Tuesday 30 January, Israeli forces raided Ibn Sina Hospital in Jenin disguised as civilians and medical personnel, killing three Palestinians.

According to Dr Tawfiq Shawbaki, the head of Ibn Sina’s surgery unit, Israeli forces beat some of the doctors and nurses at the hospital.

“It is a scene we have got used to, where Israeli soldiers disguised as civilians invade the hospital to detain the injured people. This time was different. They were disguised as doctors and medical personnel,” said Dr Shawbaki.

MAP is deeply concerned about the increasing trend in attacks on healthcare in the occupied West Bank, with at least 358 attacks recorded since 7 October, according to the WHO.

Hospitals and healthcare workers must be protected in accordance with international humanitarian law.

We call on the international community to take urgent action to end attacks on healthcare across the occupied Palestinian territory, including by ensuring that violations of international law are met with meaningful accountability.

As well as increased attacks on healthcare in the West Bank, Israeli forces are regularly attacking healthcare in Gaza, including its hospitals. Please take action to help end these attacks.

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Photo: A Palestinian injured by Israeli troops during the storming of the Jenin refugee camp is treated at the Ibn Sina hospital of Jenin, 13 May 2022. (Credit: © Mohammed Turabi/IMAGESLIVE via ZUMA Press Wire).

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