Why is breast cancer killing so many women in Palestine?

Women in Palestine are dying unnecessarily from breast cancer because of a lack of information, support and poor cancer services.  In Israel, women are almost twice as likely to survive breast cancer.  Why is this? And how can we solve this problem for women in Palestine?

Your gift today could help many more women survive breast cancer.

MAP has partnered with the Dunya Women's Cancer Centre in Ramallah, the only clinic in the West Bank to specialise in gynaecological and breast cancer.  The centre, run by women, for women, is incredibly busy and serves around 1,900 women per year.  It offers specialised cancer diagnostic services like ultrasound, mammogram, breast markers and wire localisation, plus more holistic services like physiotherapy and psychological counselling. 

When breast cancer is diagnosed early enough, the chances of survival are as high as 89%.  What makes Dunya so important, therefore, is that it is the only facility in the West Bank that exists solely to identify and begin treating women's cancer early enough to save hundreds of lives every year. 

The Dunya Centre is also instrumental in raising awareness of breast cancer across the West Bank, by running advertisements, handing out brochures and hosting sessions that encourage women to talk about their health.

This year, MAP has made two extraordinary investments.  First we have committed £102,000 to the Dunya Centre over the next two years.  This will ensure that the centre reaches the growing number of women requiring cancer treatment in the West Bank and offers each new case the same exceptional standard of care and attention.  We have also pledged to the future of breast cancer care in Palestine by investing £110,000 in Bethlehem University, so that they can offer a Higher Diploma course for nurses in oncology.  We have agreed a minimum of 12 nurses per year will receive this training for three years, ensuring the Palestinian health system can call on a greater number of specialist cancer nurses.

Your gift today could help us reach these ambitious targets - it's essential we gather these funds so that we can continue to meet the rising demand for breast cancer care in Palestine.

Please help us save lives and build a better future for women in Palestine today.

Thank you.  

Featured image: Women from Dunya's breast cancer survivors support group. 

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