Cyclists show off team spirit: Ifti's Story

This year, Ifti is taking part in London to Glasgow: Cycle for Palestine 2017 and has encouraged two friends, Ahmer and Ateeq to join him. Ifti explains that the   

'Being Ex Forces, I am used to camaraderie and embrace it with a passion. Last year I was a member of the Cycle Palestine 2016 team, the camaraderie that was displayed on this 6 day cycle ride was so phenomenal that it was physically visible by the bond shown in the team.'

Last year, Ifti took part in Cycle Palestine 2016, a 6-day cycling tour of the West Bank. 

'As a team we saw and rode through landscapes that you only read about and see in holiday brochures. We also saw all the turmoil of politics in a land that was the melting pot of history and came away from that experience changed people.'

Motivated by a will to support the health and dignity of Palestinians, Ifti has decided to take on another cycling challenge in 2017. 

'When I came back to the UK I told my colleagues about the challenges and experiences I'd been through, immediately two of them said that in 2017 they were going to participate.'  

Ifti, Ahmer and Ateeq are taking part in London to Glasgow: Cycle for Palestine 2017, a 6 day cycling challenge taking in some of the UK's most scenic countryside. Cyclists can sign up for the full tour, the weekend or one day. 

'As a team are looking forward to the London to Glasgow 2017 ride, hopefully England also has many wondrous sights to offer up and the ride will again create a fellow kinship amongst the participating cyclists.'

Join Ifit, Ahmer and Ateeq and other MAP cyclists on this years London to Glasgow: Cycle for Palestine 2017
To find out more and secure your place email or call 020 7226 4114

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