New infographic shows how Israel’s occupation obstructs the development of Palestinian healthcare

The latest infographic from Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) demonstrates how Israel’s occupation obstructs the development of Palestinian healthcare.

This infographic was released as part of Chapter 4 of our 'Health Under Occupation' report series, which you can read here.

Right to Development

As the occupying power, Israel has an obligation to support the development of the health sector in Gaza and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem. However, after 50 years, Israel’s occupation is stifling the provision of healthcare.

Healthcare facilities

Israel’s policies inhibit the construction and maintenance of medical infrastructure and the essential services needed to promote health, particularly water, sanitation and electricity.

In Gaza, the development of health infrastructure is impeded by Israel’s 10-year blockade and closure, and the destruction-rebuilding cycle caused by three major military offensives. In Area C – which represents 60% of the West Bank and where Israel maintains full military and civil control – Palestinians are routinely prevented from building permanent infrastructure. Consequently, there is not a single permanent healthcare centre for approximately 300,000 Palestinians living there.

Medical shortages in Gaza

Restrictions on access to medical equipment and materials further prevent the development of services in some areas of the occupied Palestinian territories (oPt).

This is particularly apparent in Gaza, where the blockade’s stifling effect on the economy, ongoing political divisions with the West Bank, and Israel’s restrictions on the import of items it deems to have a ‘dual use’ limit the availability of essential medicines and equipment. Consequently, hospitals and clinics in Gaza have had to deal with constant stock shortages.

Health workforce

Restrictions on free movement to different areas of the oPt and abroad limit health workers’ access to training and professional development.

Prioritising sustainable development

States, NGOs and international organisations can help address the development of Palestinian health sector by prioritising investment in sustainable Palestinian-led health infrastructure, and ensuring that the root causes of the obstacles to Palestinian healthcare – including the closure and blockade of Gaza and the occupation of Palestinian territory – are brought to an end.

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This infographic was produced as part of Chapter 4 of our ‘Health Under Occupation’ briefing series, which MAP is releasing to mark the 50th anniversary of Israel’s military occupation of the occupied Palestinian territory. You can read the four briefings below.

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