Take action: write to your MP to support Palestinian health and dignity

Join Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) in calling on the newly elected UK government to support the health and dignity of Palestinians.

Next Wednesday, 5 July, there will be a House of Commons debate to discuss ‘Israel and Palestinian Talks’. MAP would like your support to ensure that MPs attending the debate promote three priorities for the UK Government to support Palestinians’ right to health and dignity:

1) Commit to protecting international law. Impunity fuels cycles of violence and violations of human rights. The UK must re-commit to supporting accountability for violations of international law in the oPt in international forums such as the UN Human Rights Council and in bilateral relations with Israel and the Palestinians.

2) Invest in sustainable healthcare in the occupied Palestinian territory. 50 years of occupation have restricted the development of the Palestinian health sector, particularly in Gaza and Area C of the West Bank. The UK Government should ensure its aid to the Palestinians looks beyond immediate need to supporting the long-term development of health infrastructure and human resources.

3) Work to end the 10-year blockade of Gaza and 50-year occupation of Gaza and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem. Even where healthcare is available, restrictions on movement and the ongoing separation of the West Bank and Gaza prevent Palestinians from accessing services. Ending these major barriers to rights and freedoms will help Palestinians attain their rights, and would be a major step toward peace for Palestinians and Israelis alike.

This June Palestinians marked two painful anniversaries, 50 years of Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territory, and ten years of Israel’s tightening blockade and closure of Gaza.

Please write to your MP, using the tool above, to urge the UK Government to take these major anniversaries as an opportunity to tackle the growing humanitarian crisis in Gaza, and commit itself to the protection of civilian wellbeing and the Palestinian health sector which are being severely affected by occupation and conflict. 

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