MAP supporting Palestine’s next generation of family doctors

As part of our Essential Primary Healthcare programme, Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) is supporting vital initiatives to develop true family health care in the West Bank.

This approach to primary care can ensure Palestinian families have access to continuous, comprehensive, and patient-centred care throughout their lifetimes. This type of care can help manage the growing burden of chronic diseases among an ageing population.

MAP has been working in partnership with the Foundation for the International Development of Family Medicine in Palestine (FIDFMP), the Ministry of Health (MoH) and An Najjah National University (ANNU) in Nablus, to support the development of family medicine as a specialist field and the necessary changes in the system of primary care.

This week all partners contributed to a Communication Skills workshop for 13 young doctors, all in the second year of their four-year family medicine training programme. The doctors currently work in MoH primary care centres and MAP is funding the academic component of their training programme, delivered by ANNU.

The workshop was designed to help the doctors provide sensitive, holistic care to their patients and deal with the difficult conversations which can arise as part of their work.

Dr Andy Ferguson, MAP’s UK Director of Programmes, said:

"They are such an impressive group, bursting with ideas, enthusiasm and obvious skills; clearly destined to shape the future of family health care in Palestine”

As part of the wider programme, MAP has also helped establish new training centres for family doctors across the West Bank and is developing an online programme for the training of multidisciplinary primary healthcare teams.

To read more about our project supporting the development of family health care in the West Bank, please click here

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