Westminster Hall debate on West Bank demolitions: Ask your MP to attend!

On Wednesday 6 December parliamentarians will debate the “effect of Israeli demolitions on Palestinian communities” in Westminster Hall, in the House of Commons. Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) would like your support to ensure that MPs attend and support Palestinians’ right to health and dignity.

Demolitions in the West Bank

Palestinian properties have been subject to demolition or confiscation as part of the Israeli-imposed planning and zoning regime in East Jerusalem and Area C of the West Bank.

UN OCHA figures show that 2016 had the highest Palestinian property demolition and Palestinian displacement figures for the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, since recording began in 2009 (1,089 and 1,593 respectively). Between January and September 2017, 349 Palestinian properties were demolished and 542 Palestinians displaced, including 302 children.

MAP supports a mobile clinic in Area C of the West Bank, providing primary healthcare to 27 communities, many of which have been threatened or affected by demolitions of homes and other structures.

Discussing the effects of demolitions in parliament

This Wednesday’s Westminster Hall debate is an important opportunity for MPs to discuss how demolitions by the Israeli authorities in the occupied Palestinian territory constitute a threat to the residents’ rights to housing, education and health which Israel is obliged to respect as the occupying power.

As well as the physical health challenges these communities face, fear of imminent demolitions impacts the psychological wellbeing of the community, especially its youngest members.

Take action

Please tweet your MP, asking them to support Palestinian health and dignity by attending the Westminster Hall debate on the “effect of Israeli demolitions on Palestinian communities” on Wednesday 6 December at 2.30pm.

Suggested tweet: “[.@MP] Please attend debate on ‘effect of Israeli demolitions on Palestinian communities’ (Westminster Hall, Wednesday 6 Dec, 2.30pm) & speak out for Palestinians’ rights to #HealthAndDignity.”

You can find your MP’s Twitter handle here.

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