A letter to the children of Shatila

MAP supporter Rahma Barclay has written a moving letter to the children of Shatila Camp, Lebanon, describing why she cycled 3,500km from London to the Old City of Jerusalem in aid of Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP).

Children of Shatila,

I'm sitting on the porch of a small accommodation in the north of New Zealand as a tropical storm comes in. Two months ago I had the honour of meeting Dr Swee Ang, a very remarkable person you may know well. She is the amazing woman who founded Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP). A woman I read about after visiting Shatila in May 2015. It was on this visit organised by the NGO Basma and Zaytoun, that I had the chance to meet some of the children and young adults living in Shatila and see the brilliant photos and hear your music. I didn't know the history of the camp, but read about it that evening. I was so moved and inspired by my visit that I organised a big cycle ride from London across Europe to Jerusalem to raise money for MAP. 

I wanted you to know how inspirational you are. Having spent much of my childhood on the Mount of Olives, I know the Palestinian people as the most loving, brave, courageous and hospitable in the world. When I was in Shatila, it was the very same feeling as being in Jerusalem. I was welcomed once again. You will always inspire me to support the Palestinian right to a homeland and you will always give me courage to strive for what seems impossible with love in my heart. Inshallah this world will see sense. You are not forgotten, very much the opposite, your sense of hope and fight burns through all of us. Thank you. You have given me inspiration and strength and I hope to return the favour in any way I can. Currently that is to spread the word and make people look at the Palestinian cause and right to justice and safety. Inshallah it will come right. Stay safe. 

With love,


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