Gaza Emergency Appeal Update

Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) is very grateful to everyone who has supported our Gaza Emergency Appeal. Here we update on how your support is already helping people in Gaza.

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Over the last month, MAP has already supplied over US$97,000 worth of essential medicines and disposables and delivered over US$120,000 worth of limb reconstruction equipment. Many of these items are available locally in West Bank, including East Jerusalem and MAP has been able to get these items in to Gaza within days of this crisis. These supplies are already helping to improve the lives of those suffering.

In the past few days, MAP has procured 39 essential drugs and consumables, prioritised by the Palestinian Ministry of Health, at a cost of US$450,000. We have also procured 41 external fixators and large volumes of heparin (to prevent/treat life threatening blood clots), saline and antibiotics at a cost of US$350,000.  In addition, we are now also procuring essential vascular, anaesthetic and special dressing items at a cost of US$69,000.  And 22 Taylor Spatial Frames at a cost of US$138,000.

In the next few days and weeks, MAP will be working with the Palestinian Ministry of Health and other medical partners in Gaza, to prioritise our spending of any remaining funds available. Much of the additional funds will be used to procure more of the items above, but in addition we will be hoping to support the blood bank and sterilisation units at Al Shifa hospital, and other hospitals in Gaza, as well as any other emerging needs. We will be a position to give a further update of the next wave of spending in a week or so.

In addition to this spending on medicines, disposables and equipment, MAP has planned missions in place for trauma, limb reconstruction, neurosurgery and general surgery, where we will send UK medical teams out to support their colleagues in Gaza. Because of the urgent need we will try to increase the number of these missions and/or the number of specialists participating in each mission.

Thank you again for everyone who has donated and shared our Gaza Emergency Appeal. We are very grateful for your contribution to our work. We hope you will continue your support so that we can do even more. Many thanks.

Donate to our Gaza Emergency Appeal 



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