Gaza Emergency Appeal Update

Thank you again to everyone who has supported our Gaza Emergency Appeal so far. We are very grateful for all donations received, as this will allow MAP to do even more to help people in Gaza.

As previously reported, in the days running up to and immediately following the events of the 14 May, MAP procured a number of medical items, medicines and disposables:

  • 39 essential drugs and consumables / at a cost of US$450,000.
  • An initial 30 external fixators / at a cost of US$134,000
  • Another 41 external fixators and large volumes of heparin (to prevent/treat life threatening blood clots), saline and antibiotics / at a cost of US$350,000.
  • Essential vascular, anaesthetic and special dressing items / at a cost of US$69,000.
  • 22 Taylor Spatial Frame / at a cost of US$138,000

The drugs and consumables were procured locally and were delivered to the medical teams that needed them within days of the current emergency. MAP has worked closely with the MoH Central Drug Store in Gaza for a number of years and will continue to fund and supply essential medical items, as required by the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

Some specialist items and all the orthopaedic equipment were procured in the UK. The first shipment has already been transported to Gaza. MAP has applied for permits to travel to Gaza with the remaining equipment, and we are currently waiting for these permits to be approved. We will include an update on the journey of these items in the coming few weeks. Thanks to MAP’s partnership with King’s College Hospital, we have been able to obtain a 30-50% discount on the purchase of these items.

Many of the injuries seen in Gaza following the recent protests will require complex and ongoing limb reconstruction surgery and rehabilitation. We are arranging to send teams of limb reconstruction specialists, plastic surgeons and rehabilitation specialists from the UK to support their colleagues in Gaza. Our next mission to Gaza is scheduled for the 24 June. In addition to our emergency response detailed above, it is our intention to continue to provide aid, support and assistance to those affected over the coming months and years.

MAP has worked in Gaza for over 20 years. We have a permanent team there who work closely with the Palestinian Ministry of Health and the World Health Organisation (WHO) led Health Cluster (a group of local and international organisations active in the health sector) to coordinate response to emergencies, as well as ongoing medical needs in Gaza.

The support MAP provides in Gaza is only made possible thanks to the generosity of people like you who have supported this fundraiser. That is why we are incredibly grateful for the support and generosity of those who have donated and shared our Gaza Emergency Appeal. Thank you!

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