Medics in Gaza are again injured by Israeli forces

Update (10 August, 18.00): Since this article was published news arrived that Palestinian medical volunteer Abdallah Alqatati was killed in Gaza by Israeli forces on Friday 10 August close to the perimeter fence. 

Health workers in Gaza are continuing to be injured by Israeli forces, amid continuing silence and lack of action to protect them from the international community.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), last month, between 3 July and 6 August, 43 health workers were injured in Gaza. Three health workers were injured by live ammunition, nine by tear gas canisters, six by shrapnel and 25 by tear gas inhalation, two of them losing consciousness.

Since the “Great March of Return” demonstrations began on 30 March, two health workers have been killed and at least 371 injured by Israeli forces. Damage has been caused to 59 health vehicles, as well as two health facilities-a specialised health centre for people with disabilities and the Ministry of Health central ambulance station, which were damaged by an Israeli air strike on 14 July.

Data from the WHO shows that, among injured medical workers, 7% were injured by live ammunition, 10% were hit directly with tear gas canisters, 4% were hit with shrapnel, 76% were injured by gas inhalation and 3% sustained other injuries including rubber bullets, physical injuries and combined injuries.

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