Medical Aid for Palestinians' statement on complaint by UK Lawyers for Israel and the Lawfare Project.

In June 2018, UK Lawyers for Israel (UKLFI) and the Lawfare Project issued a press release stating that they had filed a complaint against Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) with the Charity Commission.  

We noted the contents of the Complaint and that it has been made at a time when we are focusing on our response to the current emergency in Gaza. However, given that the complainants have raised regulatory concerns, we have fully investigated their allegations and provided a full response to the Charity Commission as our regulator. 

We will engage constructively with the Commission in relation to any questions or concerns it raises with us but, having reviewed matters in detail, we are confident that there is no substance to the allegations made in the Complaint.

Our activities are all undertaken in furtherance of our charitable objectives. 

We work with (amongst others) a number of Palestinian human rights organisations, in particular to deliver medical aid and to produce reports and other publications which raise awareness of the health issues in Palestine which we work to address. We do not have links to terrorist organisations. 

Our publications are all evidence based and the evidence is sourced from authoritative and credible sources. 

We abhor all forms of prejudice including antisemitism and state so publicly:

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