For Mothers in Palestine

Give the gift of health and dignity. 

This Mother's Day, show some love for the Palestinian mothers living under occupation and as refugees.  Palestinian women and their children have high rates of maternal and child mortality and morbidity, and are consistently among the most vulnerable groups during conflict and prolonged occupation.

Our projects help Palestinian mothers like Mariam in Gaza, a mother with two children who is suffering from Galactosemia and was unable to get treatment due to zero stock. Thanks to our supporters, Mariam was able to receive life-saving special milk from MAP. 

MAP takes an integrated approach to women and children’s health, encompassing reproductive health, safe motherhood and essential child health services, together with psychosocial care, parenting support and recognition and response to cases of child abuse, neglect and domestic violence.

Donate today and help us support and save the lives of the mothers of Palestine -