Witness Magazine

Witness is MAP's supporter newsletter. Published every six months, its purpose is to thank donors for their support, to keep them informed on key issues in the region and to update them on our work.

Winter 2017: 50 years of occupation

2017 marks a number of troubling anniversaries for the Palestinian people, including 10 years of blockade in Gaza, 50 years since the start of the occupation, and 100 years since the signing of the Balfour Declaration. In this issue, read about how MAP is supporting healthcare for Bedouin communities living at the sharp end of the occupation, and updates from our Limb Reconstruction project in Gaza. We also report from our programmes in Lebanon, where MAP is giving hope to children with disabilities living in the Palestinian refugee camps.

You can also read about how you can get involved in our campaigning and fundraising activities for the anniversary year, including upcoming events and the 2017 Cycle for Palestine bike ride from London to Glasgow!

Summer 2016: Displaced by war in Syria

In this edition, we look at how five years of civil war in Syria have affected the country's Palestinian refugee population, and the hardships many have faced when fleeing to Lebanon's already overcrowded Palestinian refugee camps. We focus on the support MAP and our partners have provided to these double-displaced refugees through our Mental Health and Psychosocial Support project and the Tertiary Care programme.

Elsewhere, we report back on MP and breast cancer surgeon Dr Philippa Whitford's first return to Gaza with MAP in 25 years, and our progress developing family medicine practice in the West Bank. We also highlight how restrictions on Palestinian ambulance access into East Jerusalem is endangering Palestinian lives in the West Bank.

Winter 2016: Palestine on the edge

As we head into winter, Palestine is at boiling point and the situation for Palestinians across the Middle East continues to worsen. The recent outbreak of violence across the West Bank and East Jerusalem has left dozens of Palestinians and several Israelis dead. In Gaza, tens of thousands of people remain homeless after last year’s war, many living amidst the ruins of their former homes. In Lebanon’s camps, refugees from Syria huddle in garages and icy shipping containers.

Against the backdrop of such challenges, in this issue of Witness we reflect on some of the ways in which we continue to respond to crises and health challenges for Palestinians. We also showcase MAP's celebrity supporters who stand #WithGaza, and highlight the inspirational stories of our Asfari-MAP scholarship winners. Don't forget to check out our amazing infographic illustrating MAP's achievements in a year of responding to the 2014 attacks on Gaza - all made possible thanks to supporters like you!

Summer 2015: Gaza 6 Months On

Witness Summer 2015 CoverThe devastating effects of Israel’s military operation last summer continue to take their toll on the people of Gaza. Little has changed 6 months on despite the promises of generous funding and easier access. Tens of thousands of people remain homeless and displaced by the conflict. 

At MAP, we have continued to work tirelessly to ensure that the people of Gaza receive the medicines and treatment they need. Despite the many difficulties, we’re continuing to make a real difference. In this issue we highlight the work of our medical teams travelling to Gaza to provide vital surgery to those worst affected by the conflict. We also look at the life-saving tertiary care MAP is providing to Palestinians fleeing the civil war in Syria which has now reached its fourth year.