Donate Zakat

The annual Medical Aid for Palestinians' Ramadan Appeal has provided considerable benefit to some of the most vulnerable and marginalised Palestinian communities in Lebanon and the Occupied Palestinian Territories over the years. 

How does MAP use Zakat for the benefit of those most in need?

This year, for our Zakat givers, we have selected four projects which work with the most vulnerable people in the Occupied Palestinians Territories and the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. 

When you are marking your donation please tick the box to tell us that it is Zakat. 

100% of your Zakat donation will be spent on these projects. 

We will disburse the Zakat gifts to the following projects in West Bank, Gaza and Lebanon. 

MAP projects supported by Zakat donations

Emergency Response Projects

This project helps those in urgent need affected by conflict and displacement.   The project includes supplying hygiene and sanitation kits to protect the very young, replenishing medicines which have run out in hospitals, and supplying blankest and mattresses when families have lost everything. 

Reaching out to isolated communities

The Medical Aid for Palestinians' mobile clinic bring medical aid directly to the most isolated Bedouin communities in remote parts of the Jordan valley who have no other access to primary health care. 

Maternal and Child health in Lebanon

The conditions in the overcrowded refugee camps of Lebanon cause significant risk to mothers and their infants. Medical Aid for Palestinians provides the only midwife outreach team directly into the heart of the camps, delivering medical aid and support to vulnerable mothers and their children. 

Critical medical aid for Palestinians fleeing violence in Syria

More than 45,000 Palestinians have arrived in Lebanon, fleeing the civil war in Syria - becoming refugees twice over. Once they arrive in Lebanon they are met with overcrowded housing, high living costs and for those in need of tertiary healthcare, like heart surgery, kidney dialysis or chemotherapy, have to find a way to fund expensive private health treatment - when they have left everything they own behind in Syria. Medical Aid for Palestinians is working together with UNRWA, the UN agency in charge of looking after Palestinians, to cover the cost of life saving tertiary care for Palestinians escaping Syria who cant afford the cost of their treatment. 

To calculate your Zakat or to discuss your donation further, please contact us on 020 7226 4114 or