Your A-Z of ideas to support MAP

Are you new to fundraising, not quite sure what to do or in need for new inspiration? Then have a look at our fundraising ideas listed below.

We are here to support you and make your fundraising effort a great success. We also have a variety of fundraising materials including flyers, balloons t-shirts and more.

For more information please email [email protected].  Or call our fundraising team on +44 (0)20 7226 4114.

Fundraising Ideas Box

Come Dine For Palestine – Whether you make it a competition between friends, or a one-off event, it is guaranteed to be a sociable experience. Tip: why not serve Palestinian homemade cooking! You can request MAP's Come Dine for Palestine recipe ideas here

Charity film night – Create your own cinema by getting a projector and selecting a film! Sell popcorn and drinks and charge an entry fee. Tip: there are many Palestinian made films to choose from. 

Coffee and tea mornings – Everyone knows how to make tea or coffee; offer to sell some to the community on their morning commute to work. Tip: perhaps you can serve Arabic coffee

Comedy nights – Whether you know any comedians, have some funny friends or approach your local comedy club, this is guaranteed to be an event filled with laughter for a good course.

Craft sales – Gather talented friends and family members to help create and sell their crafts, whether they are bracelets, buttons, keychains or other wares

Stall or Street collection – apply for a permit a have a stall at your local market Tip: Please refer to the guidance on how to apply for permits on our website or contact us at [email protected]

Bake sale – Invite your local community to put their baking skills to the test. It can even be tailored to specific events, for instance, Christmas, Halloween or whatever you choose. 

BBQ – Add a stereo and football and make it a whole day’s event!  Don't forget to charge an entry fee. 

Beauty stand – Set up a stand with a skilled make-up artist and set a price.

Bingo night - Organise a bingo event – devise your own calls for the numbers. Charge a fee per game.

Book sale – Ask family and friends to donate books that they no longer need.

Bring and Buy Sales – This is a chance to clear out unwanted items in your home such as books, dvds, cds, games, cakes, etc. and sell them for a good cause.

Bungee jump – For adrenaline junkies and those seeking adventure, why not do it with sponsorship from your friends and family

Charity car wash – Choose a community place, a car park, or a door to door option, offer to wash cars for a reasonable charge, and you will see people flocking to get it done.

Cycling – Long or short distance – get people to sponsor you to cycle from A to B, the more extravagant the better!

Dance – Barn dances, tea dances, disco dances, salsa dances – dance the night away! Tip: Why not include some Palestinian dabke! 

Easter egg hunts - Edible hide and seek. Charge an entry fee and ask confectioners to provide the eggs.

Events on national holidays – Everyone loves to celebrate them; Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, whatever you choose. Tailor a fundraising event to the holidays. 

Fundraising auction – Auction off original items or services of people and businesses. To make it more ceremonial, why not hire a fancy venue with a formal dress code.

Guest speaker at a venue – Invite a person to talk about the situation faced by Palestinians to speak at your event in a hired venue and enlighten the minds of keen fundraisers.

Hair beading, braiding and plaiting – Put your creative talents to good use and style your friends and family’s hair for a good cause.

Hairless fundraisers/Movember – Get the men in your life to don a beard or moustache for charity. Or for all genders, make a bold move of shaving your hair completely and get the recognition it deserves by offering people the chance to bid to shave your head.

Hula-hoop contest - How many times can you spin the hula hoop? Organise a hula hoop-athon. Don’t forget to get sponsored by the spin or the length of time you keep the hoop going. 

Jailbreak – Dump teams in the middle of nowhere. With no money or transport, see who gets back to base first. Charge entrance fees or offer prizes.

Karaoke – Whether you’re a soprano singer or tone deaf, karaoke is a great way to raise money and to have fun at the same time.

Knitting for charity – The items you knit can also be sent to people relating to your cause.

Lent challenge – Challenge yourself to give something up or make a change in your life during Lent

Marathon events – Football, tennis, table tennis, badminton or any sport that interests a lot of people can work for you.

Nature trails - Charge a nominal amount from people who wish to go for treks or nature watch.

Notice boards – Promote your cause by advertising it on local notice boards e.g. at local supermarkets and community halls.

MAP Christmas Cards – Ask us to post your Christmas cards to sell at stalls, shops or your Christmas party.

Picnic – For a summer charity event, hold it outdoors in an attractive venue with tasty food and drinks and entertainment with an entrance fee.

Poetry/spoken word nights – With many bars already holding this kind of events, get into contact with them or poets you know to organise an event for your cause.

Quiz nights – Come up with your own questions and rounds and challenge your guests’ knowledge. A variety of venues will be suitable for this, especially a bar.

Running marathons - Get sponsored to run a traditional 26-mile race or even take part in the London marathon.

Sit in a bath – Make an evening event out of this traditional pub game.

Sponsored walks - Lead organised walks to historical spots and places of interest. Ghost walks are also popular.

Sponsored silence – Persuade the chattiest people you know to raise funds for remaining silent for a designated time.

Swimathon – get sponsored per length, mile, minute, hour…

Trash art auction – Enlist people to create some avant-garde masterpieces out of recyclables or other waste products.

Talent show - Hold a contest to showcase the talents of your friends and family! Organise a collection or charge at the door for entry.

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