On 15 May 2018, Palestinians around the world will commerate the 70th anniversary of the Nakba (or 'Catastrophe'), which marks the displacment of more than 700,000 Palestinians from their homes in historic Palestine during 1948.

Today, the Nakba continues to be lived by Palestinian refugee families who are still displaced - many of them living in refugee camps across the region, including in Lebanon and the occupied Palestinian territory. 

That is why we are calling on our supporters to take action and show their support of Palestinian health and dignity.  From Nakba Day on the 15 May, we will hold our MAP 'Month of Remembrance' for the forgotten refugees of the Nakba. 

You can get involved by holding your own fundraising event on behalf of MAP.   For further information, please complete the form below and we will provide you with further details of how you can get involved. 

You can also call our fundraising team on 020 7226 4114.  Or email fundraising@map.org.uk