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Every human being has an equal right to health and dignity. Yet Palestinians have been denied these rights for decades. 

In the West Bank and Gaza, Palestinians living under Israel’s military occupation are denied equal access to basic needs – including water, shelter and livelihoods – and endure perpetual violence, restricted movement, and the fragmentation of their healthcare system. Palestinian refugees in Lebanon suffer a 74-year humanitarian crisis perpetuated by continuing forced exile. 

Palestinians will not be able to live with health and dignity until the systematic discrimination and fragmentation they face is finally brought to an end. 

People around the world are speaking out in support of Palestinians like never before. Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) believes it is time for governments everywhere to heed their voices, and commit to challenging these injustices once and for all.

We are asking you to join MAP’s call, and stand up for Every Palestinian’s equal rights to health and dignity if you agree: 

  • Every Palestinian has an equal right to health and dignity. 
  • Every Palestinian has the right to move freely to receive medical care.
  • Every Palestinian healthcare worker has the right to work without being attacked. 
  • Every Palestinian has the right to access a healthcare system that can develop sustainably.
  • Every Palestinian has the right to live free from occupation, blockade and forced exile.
  • Every Palestinian has the right to justice when their human rights are violated.  

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