Breast cancer is now one of the best understood and most treatable forms of cancer. In the UK, far more women now survive the disease than die from it. For women in the occupied Palestinian territory, the situation is far bleaker. 

In our fact sheet, Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) and Physicians for Human Rights - Israel highlight the challenges to continuous and effective medical care faced by Palestinian women with breast cancer living under occupation.  

MAP's updated factsheet details in particular the growing barriers to freedom of movement of patients and depleting healthcare resources which are affecting breast cancer patients there.

Patients contend with restrictions to movement, shortages of essential medicines, and the shortcomings of the health system in the occupied Palestinian territory, all of which leave many isolated and vulnerable on their journey to recovery.

Our animation above shows the particular barriers faced by women seeking treatment in Gaza compared to the UK. Our infographic also highlights these differences. 


MAP's projects help ensure that Palestinian women can receive the care and support they need when diagnosed with breast cancer. Your gift today could help many more women survive breast cancer.


You can also show your support for Palestinian women with breast cancer by adding the Palestine Breast Cancer Awareness Twibbon to your Twitter or Facebook profile.