At least 33 protesters and two journalists have been killed and over 5,000 people injured by Israeli forces since the ‘Great March of Return’ protests began on 30 March. Out of the injured 3,268, 64%, were transferred to hospital for treatment, including 564 children. Gaza’s hospitals, already struggling under a decade of blockade and closure, with longstanding shortages of medical supplies, electricity and fuel, are overwhelmed by the mass casualties.

These casualties resulted from a violent response by Israeli forces, including the use of live ammunition, rubber bullets and tear gas, to mass peaceful protests along the border, as Palestinian refugees demand the realisation of their right to return, as enshrined in international law. During the first three weeks of the ‘Great March of Return’ (30 March-13 April), over a third of injured protesters receiving treatment at clinics and hospitals suffered from gunshot wounds, many of these to the lower limbs.

No injuries have been reported among the Israeli armed forces and neither does there appear to have been any threat to them or to others that could have justified the widespread use of lethal and other excessive force.

UN Secretary General António Guterres has called for an “independent and transparent investigation” into the killing and injuring of Palestinians. This call was echoed by the European Union’s Foreign Affairs representative, Federica Mogherini, who said “the use of live ammunition should, in particular, be part of an independent and transparent investigation.”

Please email your MP today, and ask them to urge the UK government to take action and support international calls for independent investigations into the killing and injuring of Palestinian protesters, and accountability for violations of international law.

Please add your street address at the bottom of the email to help your MP to respond. 


Film credits: Producer-Hala Safadi, Footage-Mohammed Mubayyed and Editor- Mohammed Tanani