The ceasefire in Gaza is only the first step toward ending violence and suffering across the occupied Palestinian territory.

Israeli airstrikes and shelling in Gaza, now thankfully ended by a ceasefire agreement on 21 May, killed more than 240 Palestinians, including 55 children. More than 1,450 housing units were destroyed, and dozens of schools, hospitals and clinics damaged.

Meanwhile, protesters in the West Bank have been met with excessive force, with at least 25 killed and thousands injured. While in occupied East Jerusalem, the Israeli government is backing the forcible expulsion of Palestinians from their homes to make way for settlers.

Urgent action is needed to end the widespread and systematic human rights abuses and discriminatory policies against Palestinians that lie at the root cause of recent hostilities.  

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The international community must take immediate steps to end the blockade; attempts to forcibly expel Palestinians from their homes in occupied East Jerusalem; the continued expansion of illegal settlements in the West Bank; and excessive use of force against Palestinians exercising their rights to freedom of expression and assembly wherever they live. Attacks on healthcare facilities and personnel in Gaza and the West Bank must be genuinely investigated, and those responsible for wrongdoing held accountable.

Email your MP today, and urge them to take immediate action to protect Palestinians by:

1) Writing urgently to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, calling on him to:

2) Signing the Britain-Palestine All Party Parliamentary Group statement calling for meaningful steps to address violence in the oPt and its root causes 

3) Making a public statement supporting genuine legal accountability for all violations of international law in the oPt.