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Thank you to all who took part in our 2017 Health and Dignity campaign! You can read about our petition handover to No.10 Downing Street here, and you can read the text of the petition below.

"We demand health and dignity."

Life under Israel’s military occupation means dealing with constant restrictions to the basic freedoms which should guarantee our health and dignity.

Our day-to-day movement is restricted by checkpoints and permits, we are denied access to adequate healthcare, and we are frequently at risk of being killed or injured in conflict or violent attacks from settlers.

This year (2017) marks 50 years of this occupation and 10 years of Israel’s suffocating closure of Gaza.

Health and dignity are not gifts to be earned; they are basic rights. They are not denied to us by natural disaster, but instead by a prolonged, man-made crisis; the longest military occupation in the world today.

International support can help us attain these rights.

The UK Government continues to wield influence on the world stage, and has a historical responsibility towards the rights of Palestinians. It can, and must, support a brighter future for Palestinians based on humanitarian principles and international law.

Please help us call on the UK government to support Palestinian health and dignity by taking action to end Israel’s occupation.

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