Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) has produced a report detailing the impacts of 50 years of Israel's military occupation on the health and dignity of Palestinians.

In 2017, Palestinians marked 50 years of living under the world’s longest ongoing military occupation. In Gaza, the population marked a decade under stifling blockade and closure. The occupation continues to constitute a major impediment to the health and dignity of Palestinians, and to peace for Palestinians and Israelis alike.

Our report documents the ways in which these prolonged injustices inhibit the provision of healthcare and endanger the lives and welfare of Palestinian people.

The report focuses on four essential components of the right to health and illustrates the ways in which they are violated by occupation and blockade, including: access to healthcare; protection of healthcare facilities and personnel; mental health and quality of life; and development. Each theme is set out in its legal context and illustrated with infographics, case studies and recommendations for action. 

Read the full report here

You can also read the four individual chapters below:


Chapter 1: Access to Healthcare

Read how barriers to freedom of movement imposed by Israel are preventing some Palestinian patients from being able to access healthcare.


Chapter 2: Protection for Healthcare

Read how Palestinian medical facilities and personnel have been placed in harm’s way during repeated during military action in Gaza and the West Bank.


Chapter 3: Mental Health and Quality of Life

Read how the political and social conditions endured by Palestinians in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza undermine mental health and quality of life.


Chapter 4: Development

Read how Israel’s occupation obstructs the development of Palestinian healthcare.