“Please know that there is no such thing as a ‘safe place.’ Nothing is left of our safety or dignity – that’s the actual war we are facing.”

Mohammed Aghaalkurdi, MAP’s Programme Officer in Gaza.

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Since the temporary truce ended, Israel’s military assault on Gaza has intensified. Its indiscriminate bombardment continues, killing many hundreds of civilians and injuring thousands more.

Almost all of Gaza’s population are now displaced from their homes. Families forced to flee multiple times are staying in overcrowded and unhygienic shelters or sleeping on the streets as winter worsens.

Gaza’s health system is being systematically dismantled by Israel’s military action and siege. Meanwhile, a public health catastrophe of starvation, thirst and infectious disease looms.

People are living in constant fear of death. As Israel’s ground invasion expands in the south, where the population has nearly doubled with those who fled the north, it threatens more lives and irreversible destruction.

Colleagues tell us they feel they will soon have just three options: stay put and be bombed in their homes, move and starve to death or die of disease in overcrowded shelters, or be forced out of Gaza into Egypt.

UN human rights experts now warn of a “genocide in the making” if world leaders fail to act and achieve an immediate ceasefire.

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We must not allow these horrors to continue. Our leaders must demand a ceasefire and act to uphold their Responsibility to Protect civilians from atrocity crimes, before it is too late.

The time to act is now. Please email your MP today and ask them to call on UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron to: