With more than 60,000 Palestinians now injured by Israel’s ongoing bombardment, Gaza’s hospitals are needed more than ever. But hospitals cannot save lives if they are forced to shut down.

More than half of hospitals have now been forced to close because of Israel’s military attacks. The remaining hospitals are at risk. Please help Palestinians by emailing your MP to save Gaza’s hospitals.

Email your MP


“The amount of injuries being brought in has been horrific, but with a huge reduction in the number of staff able to come to the hospital, there's even less capacity for treating them. There are patients clearly dying in the emergency department who could be saved if there were enough staff.”

– Professor Nick Maynard, a surgeon who recently worked with MAP in Al-Aqsa Hospital. 

Please email your MP today asking them to write to the Foreign Secretary, David Cameron, demanding action to uphold international humanitarian law and to save Gaza’s hospitals.

Even if you have emailed your MP in the past, it is vital that we keep up the pressure.